Place in a barn.

If the ghost doesn't show up, return to the elevator and head to floor 65.

A Curious Substance is requested by the Wizard and will force the player to fight ghosts in the mine. The crafting recipe is obtained after completing the Wizard's special order quest "A Curious Substance".

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After placing Hops in a keg, it will take 2,250 in-game minutes to turn into Pale Ale.

. A Mini-Obelisk is a crafted item that can be placed anywhere within the boundaries of the farm in Stardew Valley (not Ginger Island). A Curious Substance.

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Rewards Introductions It would be a nice gesture to introduce yourself around town. . It can be found in the remains of slain ghosts.

When you arrive at Stardew Valley one of your first quests is to meet the villagers. This is roughly one to two days, so be sure to check on your keg when you wake in the morning.

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It can be found in the remains of slain ghosts. When the player actually accepts this quest, at that point that sets off a game. . Subscribe. . The Wizard is an NPC in Stardew Valley who at all times seeks out unusual objects.


Here is what you need to do to complete the quest and unlock a new crafting recipe. .

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Make sure you always go back up to 0 after checking them both.

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Two of them are used as a pair to teleport the player from one to the other.