Feb 1, 2018 · This is a sponge with a two-sided wrapping.

. See the cloths in action with the peanut butter demo.

It is made with two sides, a wet blue side and a dry grey side.

Clean dirty surface first with a moist Enviro Cloth, then polish with the Window Cloth for a streak-free shine.

. Norwex EnviroCloth and Window Cloth used together to quickly and effortlessly get a streak-free shine every time!. This quick video shows.


This high density microfiber cloth with bac-loc is designed to be used with just water (without. Mar 20, 2021 · 2. , anywhere you’re on the go or have limited storage space.

. Here’s the simple way to deep clean your EnviroCloth: Place a small amount of no filler laundry detergent into a plugged sink and add in a kettle full of boiling water.

Dusting Mitt.

705025 Window Cloth 32.

May 14, 2010 · Product Description. If you have samples i hope this video.

. Use dry or wet to clean everything with outstanding results.

Our Envirocloth and Window Cloth, affectionately called Bert & Ernie.
Use a window cleaning cloth to dry the surface; Keep it in good shape after use, with the guide on how to clean norwex window cloth above.
Oct 14, 2022 · Has the powerful cleaning ability that an EnviroCloth does, with the ability to remove 99% of bacteria from a surface, but provides that little extra scrubbing power you need for a lot of cleaning jobs.

This means that with whatever technique you use, you get streak-free windows.


. . the Safe Haven 5 Set) that includes a cleaning cloth or sponge along with the paste.

Use the dry window cloth to take out any streaks on the window. Nothing I’ve ever used compares to the quality of cleaning they do. Add additional boiling water until all cloths are fully submerged. Dusting Mitt. Nothing I’ve ever used compares to the quality of cleaning they do. .

Makes quick work of everyday messes—use wet, dry or damp depending on the task.

Norwex Window Cloth. Clean baby and children’s car seat surfaces.

Window Cloth.


These two cloths have the power to remove up to 99% of bacteria from the surface with.


The e-cloth main cleaning cloth is called the General Purpose cloth and to me it works exactly the same as a Norwex cleaning cloth.